I’ve been asked about the Tube Tracker link shown in the sidebar. It’s something I put together a couple of months ago but had not done much to promote, so maybe now is a good time for an explanation.

Tube Tracker is a website optimised for use on a smartphone or other mobile device, and providing real-time travel information for the London Underground network. Data is obtained from Transport for London (TfL) via their public data API.

Service Status Line Status

The main screen shows the current status of the Tube network. Select one of the lines and the screen shows a list of all stations on that line with connection information. There is also a link off the main screen to show a list of all stations.

Live departure information Train Journey

Selecting an individual station shows real-time departure information for all platforms. This screen will automatically refresh every 30 seconds. Selecting an individual train will display the rout and estimated arrival time at each of the following stations.

This Weekend (Lines) This Weekend (Stations)

For forward planning the site also provides details of planned closures for the coming weekend at either line or station level.

The motivation for writing the website was not because I’m a regular tube user but simple because I wanted to see what sort of data the TfL API was able to provide. In addition to tube information TfL also provide APIs for travel disruptions, roadside matrix signs, CCTV traffic cameras, bus journeys and the ‘Boris Bike’ cycle hire scheme. That might give me something else to play with next time I have a quiet few days.

If you are in London, give the Tube Tracker site a try and let me know what you think.


  • Tracey

    This looks like a fab idea. I will be trying it out over the next month or so when we visit London and I will let you know what we think.

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