I’m sure by now most people will have seen the artist’s impression of the new MG KX Momentum Racing BTCC car. Ever since that image was released there’s been something bothering me about it. Something didn’t seem right about it, and I’m not just talking about a livery that wouldn’t look out of place in a primary school colouring contest.

As Triple Eight have not finished building the car the usual procedure would be to either get an artist to draw a sketch of the car or to take a PR photo of the equivalent road car and photo-shop the livery over the top. At first glance they appear to have done the latter but look closer, specifically at the circular holes in the A-pillar on the right hand side of the windscreen. That appears to show part of a rollcage which obviously wouldn’t be present in a road car. It could be that the artist has drawn in a section of the rollcage to make the image look more realistic, but it seems a lot of effort to draw such a highly detailed section when the rest of the image is so comparatively crude.

Team Aon Ford Focus
That design of rollcage with circular holes in a heavy A-post is quite distinctive, and is used by Arena Motorsports in their BTCC Ford Focus. After a little bit of searching I found a press shot issued by the team when the ‘Global’ Focus was unveiled in Feb 2011. If you zoom in to the lower right corner of the windscreen the similarity is remarkable. Tilt the photo a little to the left then you start to notice a few more similarities.


On the front wheel, not only is the steering angle the same but the Dunlop logo on the tyre, the Dynamics Motorsport embossing on the rim, and even position of the spokes are all a perfect match. Similar story on the rear wheel. At the rear of the car the slope of the tailgate has been adjusted to more of a traditional hatchback shape but the rear wing and support are clearly taken from the Ford.

Perhaps this shouldn’t be overly surprising, after all MG are now a Chinese-owned company and stories of the China’s lack of regard for copyright are legendary. Then again hardly anyone in the UK even knows what an MG6 looks like so perhaps they thought no-one would notice.


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